Swagbucks Gets You Free Giftcards – Coupon-er’s Read

Swagbucks Gets You Free Giftcards – Coupon-er’s Read


What is Swagbucks? Swagbucks is an online site where you earn "swagbucks" to buy rewards. I know, I know, it sounds painfully like a scam or like one of those sites we've all tried. This one is completely Legit. I discovered Swagbucks while I was at home sick and completely bored. I was very surprised when I racked up $85 worth of gift cards in 8 days just messing around online. I would like to share with you how I use swagbucks and how you can use it as a "coupon-er" to rack up a lot more for free. How do you make Swagbucks? So your messing around online anyway why not get paid for it? There are many ways for you to get swagbucks. There are so many in fact I cannot go into detail on them all. For a few of my favorites you might take surveys, download the app and play movie clips on your cell phone, watch news online, shop, use the search engine, and my personal favorite clip print and use the coupons. Basically for all of your online play you can then exchange the SwagBucks for Gift cards, Sweepstakes, Charity, and other cool things. MY COUPONING SWAGBUCKS PLAN Anyone who knows me knows I'm just shy of an extreme coupon-er. I shop very regularly at the CVS. I use coupons and extra care bucks and thoroughly enjoy saving 75%-100% off. I have since added a couple of things to my coupon arsenal. SavingsStar- I signed up for Saving Star while on SwagBucks site (they gave me swagbucks for this). Saving star is like virtual coupons that gives you the money back in Continue reading


My co-worker recently ran into an issue while buying his house. Basically in the middle of a buying the house he had a sudden job change. This sparked a series of other unfortunate events. He next had to refinance his truck because he had to lower the payment to still buy the house. Then after refinancing he was told he never paid the taxes on it so he had to come up with another $2,000. After he came up with the tax money he was then told the difference in his paychecks was going to cause them to need $5,ooo more down payment. It really was one thing after another. They ended up getting a small loan so they could start their family in their dream house. It's funny how life always hands us those curve balls. There is no doubt there will be more curves coming in the future. If you find yourself in a situation like my co-worker did you do have options. You just have to keep plugging along and fighting for what you want. Because, after life's done throwing you those curve balls, if you're persistent,  it's possible to make your dreams come true. https://picktheloan.com/ Disclaimer: I was paid to write this post. The money I received did not sway my opinion on this matter. Continue reading

Kitchen Updates that are Cheap and Easy

Kitchen Updates that are Cheap and Easy

Kitchen 14

My Kitchen Makeover on the cheap I bought a fixer-upper in 2008. I've done a ton of work to this house. Lately, I've had the urge to fix up my kitchen. My dream kitchen would have new granite counter-tops and new cherry cabinets, stainless steal back splash and new flooring.  I don't have the money to replace my cabinets and buy a granite counter-top so I found a few creative ways to update it on the cheap.     My Kitchen Before the update. First thing is first, I needed to get rid of these ugly brown kitchen cabinets. The brown made the space feel so small. The worst part was the hideous brass 1980's hardware that came with these construction grade cabinets. When I bought this house the kitchen walls were white, the ceiling was beige, the wainscoting was black with red trim and it has peel and stick flooring and beige 1980's tile. My kitchen was a disaster. The first thing I did was paint everything white. I was having a hard time envisioning a kitchen with all of the crazy colors in there. I stripped off the hardware from the cabinets and scraped off the ugly tile.This gave me a blank slate to update. I went to Lowe's and purchased some new sleek hardware for $2.00 per handle. The cabinets can be Refinished! Since I couldn't afford to replace the cabinets I decided to refinish them myself. I found the best ready made kit for me was the Gianni Cabinet Kit. I was so tired of the dark cabinets that I wanted to use a lighter color. I couldn't use white Continue reading

FanAsia wall mirror by Dezign With a Z

Dezign With a Z sells really cool Wall Mirrors! I love mirrors. I have always wanted a large mirror for my house. I can't talk myself into buying one because the prices are so high for a boring square mirror. I finally found a mirror I love and it's not boring or square! The Fanasia Wall Mirror by Dezign with a Z Dezine with a Z sells many custom items, wall stickers, wall decals, custom wall mirrors and much more. I fell in love with their mirrors right away. They have any cool styles, dots, swirls, people, trees and of course the FanAsia wall mirror. These mirrors come in many different sizes and shapes. This mirror came packaged well. It came in a box wrapped well and covered in protective paper stickers. Tip: Be careful removing the paper stickers protecting the mirror. Dezine with a Z sells many different ways to design your walls. If you can't afford to purchase extravagant mirrors, you might also try the wall decals or wall stickers. Check out the links below for more cool decor. Wall mirrors http://www.dezignwithaz.com/acrylic-wall-mirrors-c-241_93.html Wall stickers http://www.dezignwithaz.com/modern-wall-decals-c-66.html Wall Decals http://www.dezignwithaz.com/custom-decals.html     Disclaimer: I was given this product free to write this. The views expressed in this post and on this website are my views and opinions and mine alone and are not the views or my employer, any social media sites, or the product or people I write Continue reading

Shadora.com Jewelry

http://shadora.com/ is a new jewelry company that has many fashionable items. The folks down at Shadora only keep a limited number of pieces per item. Once the item is sold out, it's gone. They only keep items for 30 days and then offer another in its place. I was given a pair of 2 ct white topaz ear rings for review. They are good quality and they don't make my ears hurt. I was a little worried about the quality as the items offered are very inexpensive. Usually, inexpensive jewelry hurts my ears. So far these do not. I would buy from them. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. They gave me an extra pair to give away       a Rafflecopter giveaway Continue reading

Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag Giveaway

  Win your choice of one of these delicious diaper bags that retail for $120! Hosted by:  Confessions of a Messy Mama Sponsored by:  Pink Lining Messy Mama was lucky enough to review the Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag in Thistle.  Here's what she had to say "In my opinion the Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag would be a great addition to any mamas' baby collection. I can't express how adorable this bag is!"  Read the rest of her REVIEW! Must be 18+ and in the Continental U.S. to win! Enter by the RC Form below and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway Continue reading

The Amazing Deals at Nature’s Sleep

Nature's Sleep has Discount Promotional Codes I love the bargains you can get from Nature's Sleep. The often have 50% off or more discounts on their products. Nature's sleep offers many items like memory foam slippers, pillows, beds, and mattress topper. Some of their deals are absolutely amazing. When you are purchasing a big-ticket item, having a 50% off coupon certainly helps. If you use a 50% off coupon while purchasing you could save a ton of money. For instance if you purchased the high-end plus gel mattresses, using the coupon could save you over a thousand dollars. This saves so much money it's almost not worth buying any other mattress. Here are some 50% off codes to try. http://www.naturessleep.com/ Bears50 SLEEP2013 I Should Have Bought a  Nature's Sleep Mattress I had a really rough time in 2009. After so many horrible things I won't mention here. I decided I had to buy a new mattress. I was on crutches and still going to work that way. Due to the crutches I couldn't really shop around. I went into a local store and laid on the first soft looking mattress I could find. After 30 minutes went by the saleswoman came over and woke me up. I told her I would take it and handed her my credit card. I purchased a Donald trump Serta mattress. It was $2,000 and one of the nicest things I have ever owned. Sadly, only a month later the air springs started to pop. They do not make good on their lifetime warranty unless it has sunken a certain amount. I feel Continue reading

Lensbaby Composer ® Camera Lens Review for Canon

Lensbaby Composer ® Camera Lens Review for Canon

lensbaby composer

A LensBaby Composer for Christmas For Christmas this year I was given the Lensbaby Composer. I really wanted to try it and I was so excited when I unwrapped my gift.  The Lensbaby Composer is a unique camera lens made to use for a variety of camera models. The Lensbaby Composer has a lens you can actually bend to create some interesting aperture and focusing effects with the Lensbaby Composer. Review of the LensBaby Composer Canon Camera Lens My immediate impression was not a good one.  As I opened the box and pulled out the lens, I was surprised at how cheap it looked. LensBaby Lenses are expensive and I was expecting it to be worth the $200 price tag. The lens has a lot more plastic construction than I expected. The lens also has a rudimentary design for such an expensive camera lens. To use this lens simply bend the lens and manually adjust the focus to create very cool camera blur. To change the Aperture (create a more blurred background) you have to manually change the aperture discs. The aperture discs come stored in a small, strange-looking container. There is nothing automatic about this lens.  You can achieve effects you can't create with other lenses with the Lensbaby Composer Despite the cheap plastic parts and rudimentary design the lensbaby composer does have a few good qualities. With the composer you can create very interesting, oddly focused pictures. This can come in handy when you are making artistic types of pictures or you want to isolate Continue reading

Mia Mariu Skin Care Products Support Women

Mia Mariu Skin Care Products Support Women

mia mariu

What is Mia Mariu? I had never heard of Mia Mariu until I started blogging.  Mia Mariu is a cosmetics company based out of Dallas Texas. They offer many options for make up and skin care products. A Woman CEO runs this company and everything they do supports women. Mia Mariu Products are All Natural The Mia Mariu products offer an all natural make up and skin care line. The products are good for your skin and contain vitamins, minerals and other essentials. The products are blended with a special botanical formula only found in Mia Mariu products. Move Over Mary Kay, Mia Mariu is A Home Based Business Mia Mariu supports women in everything they do. The CEO,  a woman herself,  created these products to give women a way to support themselves. The company offers an inexpensive starter kit, discounts, and for the most successful sales reps, a 3-series BMW convertible. You even make a percentage from the representatives you sign up. This company helps women feel good about themselves with their products then gives them a way to support themselves with products they love. The Mia Mariu Product I Tried For Review I tried the RestauraCel-C Thermal Microdermabrasion Set. This is a very interesting product. This is a two-part system. You first apply the Crema Restauradora by applying a thin layer with a gentle touch. After the first product is on you apply the second product, the thermal activator. As soon as the second product touches your skin you can instantly feels warm. The Continue reading

Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway

Hosted by:  Confessions of a Messy Mama Sponsored by:  Shabby Apple Check out Shabby Apple's site and save 10% with code "Couponcodename10off" through January 10, 2013.   One Lucky Winner will win a $50 Gift Certificate to Shabby Apple! Must be in the Continental U.S. and 18+. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway Continue reading