Winning the Lottery Isn’t Always a Dream Come True

Winning the Lottery is Bad luck?

It seems to me winning the lottery is a lot like that movie Magnolia. Have you ever seen it? It’s a long, slow, movie. But my favorite part is at the beginning. A man’s factory is burning. The plane goes to a nearby body of water and scoops up some water to put out the fire. What they didn’t know was the factory owner was in the water scuba diving. He was dropped to his death onto his factory.

It’s a strange, crazy world we live in. It’s not much different from the movie Magnolia. It’s filled with coincidence and irony, of good luck and bad. We live our lives until something dramatic happens and overnight totally changes it.

People Who Have Bad Luck After Winning The Lottery

I can’t count the times I’ve said “Winning the Lottery is the Real American Dream”.  Mostly, I believe that to be true.  It’s after you hear those strange stories, those crazy coincidences, that make me wonder if I’m wrong. One thing is true, Money changes your life. It may not always be a good thing.  Nothing could be a better example than the list I have below.


  • A man in Connecticut  buys a lottery ticket and dies that day.  He won 10 Million dollars.
  • A Kansas city man bought 3 lottery tickets. While exiting the store he said “I’ve got a better chance of getting struck by lightning”. Later around 9:30 pm he was struck by lightning. He survived.
  •  A woman won a million dollars. She later returned to the store and bought more tickets. A man recognized her as a lottery winner and asked for money. She handed him a winning lottery ticket. (See video Below) By
  • One family won 13 million dollars. Her and her husband spent the money. The IRS pursued them for tax evasion. The husband (the biggest money spender) died during the trial. The woman went to jail leaving her house to be looked after by a friend. When she got out of jail she finds her friend had gutted the place. Her “friend” had stolen everything and left the door on the front lawn.
  • One lottery winner was sued for continuing to accept food stamps after winning a million dollars. She later died from a drug overdose, the drug habit she developed with her lottery money.


There are so many stories like these. It’s sad how many people develop drug habits, lose friends, get ripped off, or even lose everything. Many people say they wish they had never won the lottery. I believe, “the bad luck” many have after winning the lottery falls on those people who aren’t good with money and who aren’t ready to have it. If you happen to win the lottery I would suggest not partying with the money. Get a financial planner and invest it all or most of it. Don’t give friends money. Pay your taxes. Most of all, whatever you do, don’t go outside during a thunderstorm.